SIGN-LEX Visualization Platform

The SIGN-LEX visualization platform is a way of exploring these lexicons through an interactive, web-based interface. The lexicons are organized into phonological neighborhoods, where signs that are visually similar to one another are close to one another, connected by edges. Color is used to highlight these phonological neighborhoods. The interface also allows you to view example videos of each sign, find the lexical and phonological information about each sign, and filter the database to find signs with specific properties. The visualization platform was developed by the ASL-LEX team in collaboration with the SAIL team at the Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University. The visualization won the Vizzies award, sponsored by NSF and Popular Science.

All of the code for the SIGN-LEX visualization platform is available open source on the ASL-LEX GitHub page.

Contact us if you are interested in collaborating to use the SIGN-LEX visualization platform to share your lexical database.